By guest blogger & TACA dad Chris Benbow “Dad, I miss hockey.” That’s what my 6 year-old son, who has autism, said to me a couple of weeks ago as we were getting ready for dinner. I can honestly say that I never expected to hear those words from him. I’m a sports guy. I... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Autism?

By Lisa Ackerman I’m seeing many messages from around the world where people are preparing for Autism Awareness Month.  Autism affects so many people that the month of April has been designated to help with increasing its awareness. Some of the messaging being sent out includes “celebrate autism.”  I don't have a cute picture for... Continue Reading →

April = Autism Action Month

Today is World Autism Awareness day to kick off Autism Awareness month. Some folks consider today a day of celebration. Some folks do not. There is a dad that sent me a very profound, touching email this morning about his severely affected son. His son does not sleep more than a few hours at a... Continue Reading →

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