TACA 5th Annual Celebrations Campaign

By Team TACA

The autism journey is a challenge but our kids and their accomplishments are a CELEBRATION.  Each year we like to take a little time out of the holiday hustle to celebrate the accomplishments our children with autism (no matter how old they are!) have made throughout the year.  With autism, there is no small accomplishment and we want to celebrate one for your child.  Whether it’s been trying a new food, becoming potty trained, speaking their first word or gaining an independent skill…we want to hear it and celebrate with you!  Submit your child’s accomplishment and photo  by December 18th and we will feature them on our National TACA Facebook page December 22 – 24.   https://tacanow.wufoo.com/forms/celebrations-2017/

Here are a few examples of children we celebrated last year…

“This year has been so Awesome for Joshua. His language and awareness have exploded. He requests more spontaneously. We are so thrilled.”

“We are celebrating Oliver for not waking up earlier than 4:30am for over a month the first time in his life.”

“This year we are so proud of our son Patrick for receiving his first Holy Communion. Being that Patrick is non verbal we did not think that it was even a possibility. But he was able to attend religion classes with a special education teacher and received his first communion with his brother. We are amazed at how well he did in church and walking down the aisle. Such an amazing accomplishment for him.”

We LOVE to share celebrate accomplishments of our kids, young and old!  We look forward to celebrating your child’s accomplish with you!


TACA Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/talkaboutcuringautism


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