Season 2 Episode #4: Dr. Anju Usman, M.D.

Welcome to episode #2.4 of the Moving Autism Forward Podcast. TACA strives to bring you relevant, hopeful, and practical conversations that explore the latest in autism research, support, and all around TACA resources. It is our hope that here on the podcast we are creating something that encourages you in your journey, puts tools in your hands and can be a 30 minutes break in your busy week.
Our Guest:
Many of you know and love Dr. Anju Usman. She is on the board of medical advisors for TACA and has been a true hero in our community. She is the director of True Health Medical Center in Naperville, Illinois, and owner of Pure Compounding Pharmacy. She has been using evidence-based integrative medicine intervention to help children diagnosed with ADD, Autism, Allergies, Gastrointestinal issues and related disorders for over 15 years. She is one of the leaders in training and mentoring the next generation of integrative practitioners, and has a huge heart for the chronically ill community.
You are going to hear her tell all about how she ended up in the world of integrative medicine and the best pieces of advice she gives to new parents and seasoned parents alike. She is also going to share about her experiences overseas in treating patients—to give us some insight into things that make her excited for the future.
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So grab a coffee, jump on the treadmill, or go for a walk outside and listen here!

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