Season 2 Episode #2: Elizabeth McCoy, Esq.

Welcome to Episode #2.2 of the Moving Autism Forward Podcast. Here at TACA, we strive to bring you relevant, hopeful, and applicable conversations that explore the latest in autism research, support, and all around TACA resources. It is our hope that here on the podcast we are creating something that encourages you in your journey, puts tools in your hands and can be a 30-minute break in your busy week.

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JR34!!! Says: “TACA is such a great organization that is supportive of families and having this podcast is just another way they are showing support. By having various parents and professionals speak on their podcast, parents are able to get the latest in biomedical treatments and hopeful stories from other parents!” 

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Our Guest:
Okay, now let’s jump into today’s show. Today, we have the wonderful Elizabeth McCoy, Esq., who is a licensed attorney in the state of California. She focuses her practice on all things special needs and is a valuable part of the TACA board. She has dedicated so much of her time, resources, and energy to not only serving families through her law practice, but she serves TACA families in countless ways. It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to sit and talk with Elizabeth for a few minutes and have her bring clarity to so many legal areas that concern parents in the TACA community. Before we go any further—we do want to remind you that Elizabeth is licensed in California and knows all the ins and outs of California law but every state has its own set of laws so finding an attorney in your state to help you through your process and questions is vital. There are links below to help you navigate that process!


Alright, let’s jump into the conversation with Elizabeth—grab your coffee, turn up the treadmill and enjoy!
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Legal Resources

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