Season 1 Episode #2- Lori Knowles-Jimenez

We are so excited to continue the brand new TACA Podcast! This is an expansion of our intentional dialogue that we long to have with families around the country about the life, challenges, triumphs, best practices, and best therapies that exist today. It is our hope that we will be able to reach more families, spread hope in new ways and encourage all of you through the podcast! We are aiming to interview a variety of different experts, family members and friends who will be able to share their unique experience with Autism and encourage all of us to think outside the box, push ourselves (even when we want to give up), and believe that anything is possible for our kids!


Lori - March 2012
Lori Knowles-Jimenez


Thank you for joining us this week, we are thrilled to be sharing a new episode with you and cannot wait for you to hear from Lori Knowles-Jimenez. Lori has been a friend to TACA for many years and as we started putting together a dream list for podcast interviews, we knew she had to be one of our first! Lori is the General Manager and Director of New Beginnings Nutritionals in Kansas City! If you have ever met Lori, you know she is a wealth of information and resources, after walking a journey with her youngest son Daniel, she has much to offer the Autism community at large and we value that she was willing to share with us!

Lori and Daniel this past fall.

We had a the privilege to hear her story and we were so encouraged as she gave practical tips to families that are walking the same road she did 13 years ago. We loved as she shared about the victories and the challenges that she faced along the way and we especially took notes as she encouraged us to all become personal advocates and therapist for our kids. We were inspired as she talked about her 3 older children and how important it was for their family to engage all together, additionally, she talks about taking care of Mom—and we all know how hard that can be!

Daniel and his 3 older siblings
Daniel and his 3 older siblings

One thing Lori encouraged was the importance of community and having a network of people around you for the good times and the hard times, we thought this was perfect considering that TACA is doing National Coffee Talk Day next week, April 21st! Please check out your local Coffee Talk meetings happening that day and make plans to join us—we would love to welcome you and we will have journey guides on hand for every new family! National Coffee Talk Day times and locations can be found here!

So make sure you Listen Here: and we would also love if you share this with your friends and family using the FaceBook and Twitter links at the bottom of this post! And if you want to stay up to date with all the latest episode subscribe on iTunes here!

Here are a few additional resources from Lori:
Lori mentioned a discount for New Beginnings Nutritionals this month,

use code April2016 for 20% off your order!
Getting Children to Take Supplements by NBN

For those who would like to hear more from Lori and meet her son Daniel
here is a video of them sharing together at a conference in 2014

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