Every month is AUTISM Action month

autism action month

by Lisa Ackerman

Yesterday, my 14th autism awareness came to a conclusion. I have experienced 13 of these months asking for the same efforts – awareness. With the numbers now being 1 in 68 (1), I would love to meet someone that is not aware or affected by autism and the toll it takes on a family – especially the individual living with the challenges. It would be refreshing to have a conversation that does not involve autism. But I don’t know anyone that isn’t somehow involved in this topic.

After 12 years of awareness, TACA switched our words to ACTION in our communications and efforts (2). We have never looked back.

Thankfully, much ACTION occurred in April that will make a big difference for families living with autism. Hundreds took action to help TACA deliver our mission to families who need our help. We applaud and appreciate everyone’s assistance; TACA’s efforts are a drop in the bucket based on what is needed by so many. Families living with autism are struggling more than ever before. During hard economic times, the small resources that were available have decreased in the past three years. For many, TACA is their only lifeline. As a community, we need to do more for these families and their children.

Autism will affect every tax payer. The current annual autism costs are $137 billion a year with no end in sight (3.) As we move into May, know this – our children are still affected by autism. We are painfully aware. The families TACA serve still need help. We thank you in advance for taking action to help so many families in need.



1) 1 in 68
2) #AutismActionApril
3) Annual Autism Costs

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  1. Thank you for all your information! And let me say thank you to Lisa and TACA and anyone within the Autism society for all you do for the Families living with Autism! It is a painful and sad times for most of us as we forge through all we can do for our children with diets, supplements and therapies! We are very grateful for any improvements we may see, but somedays…the reality saddens us that we are running out of time to truly help are children to function better. For those around the area’s that have the best of therapies.. be thankful, because we don’t ! OT therapy is all we have at this moment for Jared, speech although his teacher was very good, she wasn’t really experienced in non speaking Autistic children, due to sicknesses, appointments were cancelled and are waiting for another opening. Traveling 6 to 8 hrs to receive all that he really needs is a impossibility to accomplish for us. I feel someone out there can help these children speak, someone knows what can be done, but experts are well hidden I have found. Since Jared can say Daddee and eee for yes, and I hear him answering cartoons in his room, I know he has a voice! I am considering moving back to Florida in a area that has these therapies, but for many that is not a option. I hope for more therapies to be established in the area’s that so desperately need it for the children, People helping people I believe is the meaning of Life, and I spiritually feel that now, we have to help one another through the difficulties and make change for the better. Peace and Angel’s to everyone!!

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