Super sibs: here to change the world!


By Madelynn Dobbs

(Editors note: April is fast and furious. I have spoken at five events and we have almost three weeks to go. One of the great events was with a So Cal city a Fullerton Cares Comedy Night. What a great event. The entire night was for families living with autism. I’m going to share my favorite part. Meet Maddie.)

Hi my name is Madelynn Dabbs and my little brother, Boyd, has autism. Just like any little brother he likes going in my room. Usually to get my pillow pet or to turn on my TV. I think it’s a little unusual that I have 3 pillow pets and he only chooses my absolute favorite, the dolphin, every time. But I think it might be because of the texture and softness. Also another thing he loves doing is to listen to a series of books called Pete the Cat. Now it’s gotten to the point that my family can read the whole story in their sleep and Boyd still loves it. Boyd has a little trouble saying my name, Madelynn, because it’s so long so he just calls me Mo. When I’m done with my homework I like to play with Boyd. He really likes when I play chase with him. The way we play is pretty much the same as the regular but he says chase and I say ‘I’m gonna get you”! and he runs. Even though Boyd has autism he’s my brother and I love him. I especially love his snuggly hugs and sweet kisses. He’s learning something new everyday. And I still remember the day when Boyd said the words ‘dinosaur’ and ‘volcano’.

When I grow up, I want to be a scientist and find a cure for autism. I don’t want to find a cure because I wish my brother was any different. That’s not the reason. It’s just that if he didn’t have so much therapy, we could play together a lot more. I’m sure every brother and sister of a child with autism wishes their sibling didn’t have to work so hard and have so much therapy.

I just wanted to say thank you for coming tonight. Your donations won’t just help my brother, but you are helping all the children and families in Fullerton who are affected by Autism. My mom says I can’t stay to see the show because they will be talking about adult stuff, plus it’s my bedtime soon. But have fun and thank you!


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  1. My son is also a wonderful friend to his sister who has autism…siblings are so valuable, and they also feel the pain that autism can leave in a family. Autism made our family closer and stronger, this is a positive thing for us.

  2. it’s true that these children have to work very hard in order to learn (or achieve) things others find normal. But the harder the success is, the sweeter it is. However, I hope they will soon be able to spend more time with the ones they love as this is vital for children’s development.
    i also wish i were able to find i cure and i’m ready to do anything for such a family.

  3. Dr. Alfredo Galvez

    Just attended a symposium on Environmental Epigenetics: New Frontiers in Autism Research at the MIND Institute at UC Davis. There is now a growing consensus that the increased incidence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in the past 20 years has a strong epigenetic component. Researches are now being conducted to determine the potential role of exposure to industrial chemicals, perinatal stress and drug use to the development of ASD. The group has identified that nutrition (soy and folate) may have protective effects against adverse health outcomes of perinatal exposure to environmental chemicals that are known endocrine disruptors.

    Kid are our future! To learn more, you can request to add me on Facebook:terrykilburg

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