The ugliest word & problem: BULLYING

by Lisa Ackerman


We receive hundreds of reports each year from families living with autism on the issue of bullying. News reports about its incidence keep rising: Bullying takes a toll on autism (1.)

To address this concern, TACA’s on staff attorney Summer Stech has continued her advocacy series to help educate families more about this critical subject. Please see her new article here:

We are also working hard to combat the issue at the core. In 2010, TACA established our Autism Youth Ambassadors program to help educate teens and young adults about autism.  Peers familiar with individuals with autism can become huge advocates to help make our community a better, safer place. These teens have become active on many causes including a video series on how to be a friend to children with autism (2.)

Parents have additional tools for many areas of Autism and Safety provided by TACA friends National Autism Association. They address the needs of wandering, restraint and inclusion and bullying. Check out their tools

Bullying  can transform a great school placement into a living hell for individuals with disabilities.  TACA will continue these important efforts because our children are counting on us to advocate and keep them safe.

1)      Bullying takes a toll on autism:

2)      How to be a friend to someone with autism – a TACA Autism Youth Ambassador Project:

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