Talking about it. Talk about autism.

By Lisa Ackerman

Nothing is more difficult than seeing an undiagnosed, struggling child with autism and know you need to act to help that family. Well, I am wrong. The absolute worst is to know that something is not quite right with your beloved child and HEARING that from someone else. Either scenario hurts.

In my opinion, it is more harmful to watch and do nothing.

At TACA we understand more than you know. We have been on the receiving end of both types of situations. We wish conversations such as these did not have to happen, but they do. Autism affects 1 in 88 children in the United States.

Such types of conversations help get the ball rolling. We absolutely know early intervention is key and can be life changing. The earlier this intervention starts the better.

Here are some key articles to read and share – when appropriate:



We encourage individuals to talk about autism. The best news would be to rule it out and know it is not an issue.

Families living with autism struggle with isolation from the BEGINNING. Everything about autism is hard for the family – especially for the individual affected. The goal is to bring community into the equation from the very BEGINNING. When we see an issue, let’s solve it together and help each other.  Talking about it first is the start.

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