New Abnormalities Found in the Autistic Brain

  Guest blogger & TACA Physician Advisory:  Dr. Richard Frye   Dr Courchesne of the University of California at San Diego, a researcher who has previously published groundbreaking papers on abnormalities in the growth of the brain in children with autism, now provides new insight into previous uncovered brain abnormalities in children with autism in... Continue Reading →

Top 2013 TACA Blogs

By Lisa Ackerman In 2013, the TACAnowblog has reached almost 125,000 readers. Not bad for a blog that has been in existence for two years. The archives of articles are pretty amazing and always available for your review. We appreciate the guest blogs from Drs. Bob Sears, Dan Rossignol, Richard Frye, David Berger, some great... Continue Reading →

IACC July 2013 Meeting Recap

By Lisa Ackerman The Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) meeting happened on July 9, 2013 while I was on vacation. It has taken me too many weeks to catch up and listen to almost 8 hours of this meeting.  My sincere apologies for the time it has taken to comment about this important effort held... Continue Reading →

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