Missing Bernie

By Lisa Ackerman There are many days I miss Dr. Bernard Rimland. This week is no exception. He is a true pioneer for families living with autism. If you are not familiar with dear Bernie, please read his tribute (1.)  He was a great man. In my office is a treasure sent to me from... Continue Reading →

Gastrointestinal issues in autism are real

By Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, TACA Physician Advisory Member Parents have been telling their clinicians that gastrointestinal issues (GI) have plagued their children with autism for several decades. Unfortunately, in many cases, the reported symptoms were written off as part of the autism and may not have received the thorough attention and evaluations that were warranted.... Continue Reading →

Who is Dr. Bernard Rimland?

By Lisa Ackerman I am an old timer.  Jeff was diagnosed with autism in 1998. Some folks have more time in this journey while others have less.  There are several reasons why my family formed TACA; first, my son Jeff and the other was Bernie. Who is Bernie?  Bernie was like an uncle to me;... Continue Reading →

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