Our 15 Year Anniversary at TACA

By Lisa Ackerman Back in October 2000, an email was shared to invite families to the first TACA meeting for families living with autism that would take place in November. That one email has sparked families to find other like-minded parents to find hopeful treatments and therapies for their children. Since that very first meeting,... Continue Reading →

16 years later

By Holly Bortfeld My son Max was diagnosed with autism 16 years ago today, May 4, 1998. I have been mulling around in my head for a few weeks how I wanted to mark this anniversary of autism entering our lives and had drafted a blog but I didn’t like it. I kept poking at... Continue Reading →

TACA’s 14th Anniversary

By Lisa Ackerman This month, 14 years ago the first TACA meeting was held in my family’s living room. Wow, it’s been 14 years! Back then, I was scared and starved for information.  Our son was 3 years old and diagnosed with autism.   We did not know what to do.  We were hoping that by... Continue Reading →

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