From #autism to skateboard star

By Jacqueline Garza Hi I am a TACA mom and I have an amazing, incredible 9 year old superhero son named Mason. Mason began receiving early intervention at 17 months and was formally diagnosed with autism at 2.5 years old. In April 2014, Mason participated in Volcom Autism Awareness Day brought to us through TACA... Continue Reading →

Wonder Twin Powers UNITE for #Autism

  By Gabriella True – TACA Co-Coordinator Connecticut   I have twin boys who will be 11 years old this summer and one of them has autism. Although Timmy was diagnosed with autism just prior to his third birthday, he's been in therapy since the second day of his life. His twin brother, Xander, and... Continue Reading →

Quinn’s Trip Through Hell & Back

By Holly Riley TACA Co-coordinator Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley   In May of 2005 at the age of two, my son, Quinn, was diagnosed with autism. We didn't know if he would ever speak. For that matter, we didn't know if he would ever do anything but tantrum, cover his ears and spin things in... Continue Reading →

What is #Autism and Why do I have it?

By Melody Benbow – TACA Co-coordinator New Jersey We knew one day Cal would ask this question, however, in my head I always thought I would be so much more prepared with an answer. Instead, I stumbled through my words and gave an answer I was not satisified with. So, I turned to some of the... Continue Reading →


By Lisa Ackerman Last year we had a great thought:  let’s share what our kids living with autism ACCOMPLISHED that year. We hear all about the major efforts living with autism but how about accomplishments to hopefully inspire others and to enjoy our achievements together.  Our kids work so hard overcoming obstacles. Let's share those... Continue Reading →


CHANGE THE WORLD!  Two years ago my husband Glen helped launch a pet project, the TACA Autism Youth Ambassadors (AYA).  Spending time with these inspirational young leaders has since become one of our favorite things to do. I have had the great fortune to speak at several club meetings.  The Youth Ambassadors bring such positive... Continue Reading →

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