Showing Gratitude for Our Doctors: TACA Doctors Appreciation Day

By Jackie Moore

On March 30th, 2017 TACA will hold the 2nd Annual TACA Doctor Appreciation Day in partnership with Houston Enzymes® and Lifetrients® to recognize physicians who have dedicated their practice to help children with autism.

TACA gives parents a platform to say thank you to their children’s doctors for the knowledge, guidance and passion they provide.  Also, a certificate of appreciation will be mailed to all submitted doctors letting them know they are appreciated.  Be sure to take part by submitting your child’s doctor and include a photo of your child with his/her doctor (if you have one) by March 26th and then watch the TACA FaceBook page on Doctor Appreciation Day to see the many doctors submitted by families.

Here is the link to submit your child’s doctor:

A couple of examples from last year’s TACA Doctor Appreciation Day…

“Dr. Jeff Bradstreet was a big supporter of the TACA Georgia Chapter. He gave his time, to speak at seminars, answered question after question for parents and sponsored events. He constantly searched for new treatments, filling our Chapter with hope for our children’s futures. He is greatly missed in our community and because of him and because of his unexpected passing, TACA was inspired to create TACA’s Doctor Appreciation Day.”

“Dr. Rossignol has been there for our family, helping our son biomedically, since 2009. We are forever grateful for what he has been able to help us achieve with our son. Dr. Dan treats our entire family and we could not be where we are without him. Now 10, our son is reading, writing, and continuing to develop expressive language. He is mostly seizure free, and sleeps in his own bed, gaining more independence every day. We don’t have to worry about eloping, stimming, aggression, and being awake all night. I am confident in our doctor, who is a walking medical journal, always using evidence based medicine in his practice. The help he is providing selflessly to thousands of families with special needs is commendable and we love him so much. Thank you, Dr. Rossignol (and family.) You have given us hope and so much more. Always in our prayers.”

“We’ve seen many DAN and MAPS doctors over the years but we LOVE Dr. Berger. He’s thoughtful, pays attention to what works for OUR family, only uses non-insurance-covered labs and treatments as a last resort, and he keeps up with all of the new research and treatments. He’s sweet and is as great with my kids as adults as he was when they were little (Yes, we’ve known him that long) and he really takes their input and wishes into account for testing and treatment.”



Featured in this picture is blog author Jackie Moore, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet and Christi O’Neal (Jackie and Christi are TACA Georgia Coordinators)

About the blog author: Jackie Moore is the National Programs and Chapters Director of Talk About Curing Autism. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two children.  Her 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with autism at the age of two.  Jackie started the TACA Georgia Chapter eight years ago and continues to be a Volunteer Georgia Coordinator

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