Season 1 Episode #6- Jana Roso, MSN, RN, CPNP

Welcome to another episode of the podcast! We are thrilled to be able to come back to you each time with an exciting conversation that allows us to dialogue about autism, family, treatments, and the community support available through TACA. This week we will talk with Jana Roso, MSN, RN, CPNP and listen to her share how she found her way into biomedical treatments for children with autism, what the first thing she tells patients is and what she is learning and researching right now.
Jana is board certified as a pediatric nurse practitioner from the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board. She is passionate about providing holistic healthcare to children with chronic maladies through an integrative and functional medical approach. She and Dr. Emily Gutierrez started a practice in Austin, Texas Neuronutrition Associates and are doing some amazing things for patients in and around the area.
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We loved hearing Jana talk about her passion to help families and patients understand the very basic level of nutrition. While also diving deeper to grasp the importance
of biochemical processes that occur within the body based on what we put in our mouths. There is such truth to this on a very cellular level but Jana made it to practical and easy to understand.
We also loved hearing her suggestions for resources and you will find those links below! In addition to the awesome resources she suggested, Jana mentioned connecting to social media groups and forums that have become a great source of encouragement and support for families around the country, we would love to have you follow our Facebook page and connect into your local chapter page to find out more about some of the private groups and connect to parents.
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Jana’s Suggestions:
TACA Resources: 
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2 thoughts on “Season 1 Episode #6- Jana Roso, MSN, RN, CPNP

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  1. Dear madam
    I am from India I do not know my son is austism or not but some sign are matching as per google search materials.
    Please help
    I am explaining some environment of home and child activities
    1: from childhood he attache with television specially advertisment from 6 month
    2 we have only 2 members in family so we spend not enough time.
    3. Some time listen after call from back some time ignore or not respond.
    4. More active in playing with toys Home utensils and hide and sike also.
    5.but when play alonewith full injoy he produce some sound also .
    6.some time if need something and you refused then crying loadly.
    7.if need something then he pick you use sine language also.
    We are very confuse
    Pl advise how to clear

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