Victory following #autism & #epilepsy diagnosis

Lisa Ann Virigina LOVE MY SUPERHERO2


By Lisa Ann Pitts – TACA co-coordinator Virgina


After 6 months of grueling training, my boy Aidan can now open doors for people. He holds them open after entering and he’s very aware of people walking towards doors. Sounds like a little task, but the concept was tough for our boy because he has autism. He sometimes stands there at school and just lets a stream of traffic file through the front door and I’m filled with pride. He also notices when anyone is missing from class, whether it’s a teacher, an aide or a student. He cares that much. He asks why they aren’t there, if they’re okay and when they’ll return. Aidan loves pop music, but he’s especially a big fan of One Direction and the song, Story of my Life because he’s drawn to emotions. He feels them strongly and he responds strongly. You say to yourself, doesn’t sound like Autism?


He loves intensely and he feels intensely. He’s an amazing gift to anyone who is lucky enough to know him. Right now, he struggles with epilepsy. We count the non-seizure days like a kid counts the days till Christmas. Every day that’s seizure free is a good day. He eats a pretty strict diet intended to help prevent more seizures, because Aidan has the most difficult to treat. We’ve been told that meds could help or make him worse. So we do everything we can to keep him safe and seizure free. We have monitors upstairs and downstairs so he can have much needed time alone. After all, he is a teenager.


We focus on the victories and he’s generous to give us plenty to celebrate. We are counting on 2015 to be the year of the totally independent shower. We have hope.


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  1. In addition to the organic lifestyle Have you considered cannabis oil ? It has helped many with seizures. It helped my son. he is allergic to all the
    seizure drugs..

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