Some thoughts on the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy

By Lisa Ackerman

I don’t know anyone who is not in absolute shock and immense sadness about the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings. We all mourn this senseless act and enormous loss of life of those innocent children and adults.

Since Friday I have a few problems in how the media has covered this tragedy. Many of the major news outlets has spewed some of the worst reporting I’ve ever seen.

The 24 hours news coverage has made many mistakes including blaming the wrong brother for the killings and other important event details. As the misreporting went live with the wrong information other media sources picked up these mistruths as fact.

Until all the facts emerge such as possible motive, mental status, a doctor diagnosis for the dead shooter we are all guessing. Since the incident the media has made many assumptions including calling the shooter on the autism spectrum.

In addition to the unsubstantiated diagnosis the media needs to stop reporting that autism is a mental health condition. Autism is a neurobiological disorder. It is also important to note autism is NOT associated with violence, other than them being the victims of it. (1)

The focus should be on mental illness. Since the tragedy Huffington Post shared a stunning article on mental illness titled “I am Adam Lanza’smom.” It hits home on an important topic (2.)

One quote from the author chilled me to the bone “he has been on a slew of antipsychotic and mood altering pharmaceuticals.”

It is a sad truth that mental health solutions often come in a prescription pad. At TACA, we wonder why isn’t functional medicine considered? Why is it not even part of the process or discussion when looking at people in need?

Until the story completely unfolds with facts we won’t know why 27 people and innocent children were slaughtered. We may have to accept we may never know.

Several of the questions I would like to us all to consider: would a full medical work up helped individuals like this shooter? Are drugs masking a problem that boils over with tragic circumstances? That’s just the start of questions to better understand and prevent future tragedies.

Until we find some answers our thoughts and prayers are with the families who experienced such enormous loss.

1) U.S. News & World Report: Asperger’s, Autism Not Linked to Violence: Experts
USA TODAY: Experts: No link between Asperger’s, violence

2) Huff post: I am Adam Lazars mom:


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