Quinn’s Trip Through Hell & Back

By Holly Riley TACA Co-coordinator Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley   In May of 2005 at the age of two, my son, Quinn, was diagnosed with autism. We didn't know if he would ever speak. For that matter, we didn't know if he would ever do anything but tantrum, cover his ears and spin things in... Continue Reading →

What is #Autism and Why do I have it?

By Melody Benbow – TACA Co-coordinator New Jersey We knew one day Cal would ask this question, however, in my head I always thought I would be so much more prepared with an answer. Instead, I stumbled through my words and gave an answer I was not satisified with. So, I turned to some of the... Continue Reading →

Why support/give your money to TACA?

  By Christi O’Neal TACA Georgia Volunteer Co-coordinator   I love Friends and Family TACA Fundraising time of the year. It’s funny because I hate asking people for money. But I’ve found that by looking through old photos, like I did last year to thank people for their support, that it is like a little... Continue Reading →

Autism then STROKE

By guest blogger Chelsi Coate – long time TACA mom and volunteer   Christian is 11 and going into the fifth grade. He is kind, funny, sarcastic and charming. He loves anything that has to do with film making. He plans on attending his second film festival this year. He is also very skilled at... Continue Reading →

Why you should care about autism

By Lisa Ackerman This blog is not for families living with autism as they are well aware of this information. This blog is for you, the American taxpayer not living with autism in your life. You need to care about autism because you know what – your taxes are about to skyrocket. Please read. Autism... Continue Reading →

Recovery from Autism?

By Lisa Ackerman New research demonstrates RECOVERY FROM AUTISM is possible. It happens. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) agrees. They did a study in January 2013 (1.) More studies are underway. We know as we have sent dozens of TACA families their way. For many of you reading this blog you may think: Is... Continue Reading →

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