Why not cure #autism?

By Lisa Ackerman An article was published recently titled Why Aren’t We trying To Cure Autism? (1.) This article spoke to me. Why is an autism cure such a taboo? We want a cure for everything for those who want a cure, right? I would love to talk about curing autism. The reality for many... Continue Reading →

Gastrointestinal issues in autism are real

By Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, TACA Physician Advisory Member Parents have been telling their clinicians that gastrointestinal issues (GI) have plagued their children with autism for several decades. Unfortunately, in many cases, the reported symptoms were written off as part of the autism and may not have received the thorough attention and evaluations that were warranted.... Continue Reading →

A Vaccine for Autism?

By Dr. David Berger - Pediatrician and TACA Physician Advisor Well, here is a concept I bet many parents of children with autism never contemplated….a vaccine specifically designed to inhibit the growth of the gut bugs that so many of us believe are playing a role in these children’s symptoms. This week, researchers from a... Continue Reading →

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