Season 1 Episode #5 Honey Rinicella




Join us for the next episode of Moving Autism Forward Podcast with Team TACA. Featuring this week an interview with Pennsylvania leader Honey Rinicella. If you know Honey, then you know just how encouraging and impactful she has been in our community and if you have yet to meet her–well, get ready to know her through this podcast and take some good notes from her tips and experience with raising her twin son’s both diagnosed with autism.


Honey also gave us some great insight into what it looks like raising her older daughter alongside her boys and how she navigates the world of balancing it all. We loved her advice to make sure that the love you put into your neurotypical children is intentional because it will spill over into the life of your child with autism. We also were encouraged as she talked about various opportunities within the TACA community to learn, grow and find support.

Below you will see links to the chapter page on the national website and the events page for more information about things going on in your area to plug into this summer and coming up this fall. She also encouraged families to sign up for a mentor, the process is simple and we at TACA strive to pair each family up with a mentor that can really encourage and resource them in their journey.  
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