Top 2013 TACA Blogs

By Lisa Ackerman

In 2013, the TACAnowblog has reached almost 125,000 readers. Not bad for a blog that has been in existence for two years.

The archives of articles are pretty amazing and always available for your review. We appreciate the guest blogs from Drs. Bob Sears, Dan Rossignol, Richard Frye, David Berger, some great TACA parents, individuals diagnosed with autism, their siblings, TACA staffers and volunteer coordinators.

Just in case you missed one, here are the most popular 2013 TACA blog posts:

So Autism is (now even more) Common . . . Anybody Care Yet?
Autism: It’s about the poop!
Gut-Brain Connection? Leaky Gut? No longer “Crazy Talk” says AAP
Changes at the Happiest Place on Earth?
Disney Parks: update for families living with autism
She Must Really Like Kids
Gastrointestinal distress and Autism – important new research
Just because they don’t speak doesn’t mean they don’t understand
Finding My Voice: you can recover from autism
It’s about the words: “Outgrow autism”
A Vaccine for Autism?
Folic Acid and Pregnancy in the Prevention of Autism
Overcoming Autism – From My Child to the Community at Large
Missing Genes, Environment, or Both: How Genetic and Environmental Factors Can Interplay to Cause Autism
Will your access to compounded medications be restricted or denied by a new Senate bill?

On my phone I keep a list of potential blog titles that need to be written. It stands at over 40 title ideas. I have four blogs in progress that need to be finished. There seems to be a new inspiration daily!

As we kick off 2014, would you let us know what you would like to read about next? Please share your ideas so our wonderful team can address these topics one by one.

Our goal for this blog is to educate, empower and inspire families living with autism.  Help us prioritize those next steps so we can better serve you.  Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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