Top 2012 TACAnow blogs

by Lisa Ackerman

bright future

In 2012, the TACAnowblog has reached almost 130,000 readers. The content appears to be relevant for a community blog.

The archives of articles are pretty amazing and always available for your review. We appreciate the guest blogs from Drs. Bob Sears, Dan Rossignol, Elizabeth Mumper, some great TACA parents, individuals diagnosed with autism, their siblings, and  TACA staffers Holly Bortfeld and Summer Stech.

Our most popular 2012 blog posts include:

Gut Brain Connection? Leaky Gut? No longer “Crazy Talk” says AAP

So autism is common. Who cares?

Retard! Autistic!

A Physician’s Perspective on the Proposed DSM-5 Autism Diagnostic Criteria

Diagnostic Criteria Changes: What your family needs to know

A huge loss in the scientific community looking into autism

Letter to parents looking into biomedical intervention for autism

MAPS:  new physicians group for autism & chronic conditions

The Autism Epidemic Rages On

Parent with children on the spectrum are not allowed to get sick or die

My Bad-Ass Autism Survivor Story

Will a new genetic blood test for autism improve early detectin?

1o ways YOU can help a family living with autism

Honest thoughts from a sibling: I am affected by autism too

On my phone is where I keep a list a potential blog titles that need to be written. The list stands at 30 ideas. Every day there seems to be a new inspiration.  Also on my phone are four blogs in progress that need to be finished up. (And yes most of time, I type these posts on my phone. I love my iPhone.)

As we kick off 2013, we would like to know what you want to read about next. Please share your ideas and this wonderful team will address these topics one by one.

Our goal on this blog is to educate, empower and inspire families living with autism.  Please help us prioritize those next steps so we can better serve our TACA friends.  Thanks for sharing your ideas!

6 thoughts on “Top 2012 TACAnow blogs

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  1. I was thinking a topic on “Supplements” THE BASIC’s….the five must have’s? or the ten? THe mportance of them?

    I have a supplement book but i like this topic. It’s important for myMY family. WE USE ALOT OF ZINC these days.

    Love you guys!!!!


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